Episode 18 - St. Louis IX of France

Amongst the whole family of canonized saints in the Church, there aren’t a ton of royalty, and even of those that were, many often opted to live as the poor do. Today we meet a French king, the only French king who is a canonized saint. He is a phenomenal example of how to approach duty with the understanding that all we are given comes from God. Join the Social and meet St. Louis IX of France!

Episode 16 - Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati

Extraordinary virtue doesn’t necessarily mean extraordinary action. As we see today, sometimes our path to sainthood simply means that we look after our immediate neighbors. The poor and the downtrodden within our local community. What a wonderful example then Blessed Pier provides. What a great reminder that love of one another is the primary call of the Christian life. Join the Social today, and meet Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati!

Episode 12 - SoG Carmelina Tarantino of the Cross

We are all called to be saints. What does it take to be a saint? Virtue! But virtue can look different as it’s a unique expression of God’s work in one’s life. Because God is the ultimate judge of one’s character, the Catholic Church takes identifying saints very seriously. The first step is declaring someone as a Servant of God, meaning they are being investigated for sainthood. Join the Social to learn the story of this incredible woman from Toronto who bears this title!

Episode 9 - St. Josephine Bakhita

It’s an unfortunate reality that we all encounter suffering. Why do we consider saints to be heroic? Because through their reliance on God and His graces, they rise beyond their suffering, and in doing so show us how to do the same. Come check out the story of St. Josephine Bakhita, a woman who was taken into slavery, and through her witness to the love of God, shows us what it looks like to grateful for everything that leads us closer to Him… including our suffering.